They Were Not Lying

You hear it time and time again, in regards to wedding dresses, you will just know when it is the one.

I firmly did not believe this when I went out dress shopping the first (and well…pretty much only) time, I thought I would be scouring the end’s of the earth to find a dress that did not make me feel like a marshmallow. But low and behold….. I fell in love with the very first dress I put on.

I was so sure that this was MY dress, that I proclaimed “I’m done, this is it”.

To which my mom, friends and the peanut gallery replied, you have 10 more dresses in that room, you have to at least try them on for comparison. I complied, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t have fun doing so.

In the end, I went back and put the original dress back on, and it just felt right, I was comfortable, it’s stunning, and it felt like me.  But, dear readers, you will have to wait until AFTER the wedding to see a picture of it.  Because there is a 0.00000000005% chance that the groom may stumble along onto this blog, and we can’t have that.

And now, some advice to bridal shops to make the experience more friendly:

1. Ordering the dress in a size 8 for a sample is non-sense, do bigger, curvier girls not have to deal with enough society when buying clothes to make us feel bad about ourselves.  Please, help a sister out, order a normal size for the sample, like a nice friendly 12.

A 12 is a nice number, it will give those girls who are a size 16-18 a pretty good idea of what the dress will look like on, and on smaller girls, provide clips.  Not being able to get a dress on at all, does not a customer make.

Just sayin.

2. Lighting, for the love of god, find a way to get some natural light into those rooms.  No one looks good under a flourescent bulb, plain and simple.

3. No bride-to-be comes alone, provide chairs for the peanut gallery.


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