Learning about me

I have learned something new about myself.

Something I did not know until February of this year.

That something is this:  If I show up anywhere, and I mean anywhere, where people know me and I am injured, they are going to automatically assume it is a horse related injury.

Because, seriously, who would assume I had broken my foot any other way.  Sometimes I wish this was the real story, so that then I wouldn’t have to admit to breaking my foot because I was cleaning up some chairs at the cottage and fell onto the deck thinking there was a stair where there wasn’t.  It would be a much cooler story.

Maybe I will just start telling people that yes, I broke my foot falling off my horse.  While we were trying to land a 5 foot jump.

Because those who don’t really know Libby and I would be in awe of my bravery.

What have you learned from a situation or someone about yourself?


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