One of those mornings..

How can I tell it is Wednesday?  That is a very good question, and here we go:

1. I slept in, not by a huge amount, only 20 minutes.  But here’s the thing, I do not even remember my alarm going off to begin with.  I was so sure that it did not go off that I checked the clock 3 times before getting in the shower.

2. While in the shower, I suddenly could not remember if what was in my hair was shampoo or conditioner.  They smell the exact same, and are very close in texture.  To hell with it I thought, I don’t have time to figure out this little mystery.  Hair will be fine without conditioner, if what is in my hair is, in fact shampoo.

3. Don’t even ask about the condition of my legs….. must be remedied before I go for x-rays tomorrow on ye olde foot.

4. I could not for the life of me get it together when I headed down to the kitchen, went in circles for 20 minutes, somehow managed to eat breakfast and make my ‘Green Monster’ (more on that in another post) and pack what I thought was a lunch.

5. Forgot to change my shoe before I left the house, yes shoe.  Because the cast makes me lopsided, I have been wearing my gym shoe on my right foot to even me out, and prevent other aches and pains.  I usually wear a work appropriate shoe to work with my dress pants.  So now, like it wasn’t bad enough that my shoes already don’t match, my feet don’t even match the rest of my body.  Basically, I look fine from the knee up.

6. Got to work, and learned that the “lunch” I packed, is just random items from the fruit crisper.

Sigh…. I should have just gone back to bed and started all over tomorrow.


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