Good To A Fault by Marina Endicott

How would you react if you were in a car accident with a family of 6?

What if it turned out that the family happened to be living in the car that was just totalled in the accident?

And, what if, when at the hospital, it is discovered that the mother in this family has late-stage cancer and needs treatment right away?

Good to a Fault explores just this situation.  Clare Purdy is on her way to the bank on her lunch hour, when she collides with the Gage family.  From this moment on, her life will never be the same.  Clare, in a not so typical response to the accident, takes the whole family into her home while the mother is undergoing treatment in the hospital to try to rid her body of cancer.

Throughout the story I found myself both in awe of her characters generosity,  heart broken for her loneliness and angry with how the Gage’s took everything from her for advantage.  Clare learns a lot about her personal strength and grows as a character during her year with the Gage family, and even manages to find love in the VERY last place you would expect to find it.

A wonderful story overall, I recommend it.


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