A Birthday Treat

Saturday night was my very best friends 30th birthday party, and while her husband had already arranged for a cake for the party, I wanted to make a little something to contribute.  Mainly, because I wanted to see if I could master Bakerella’s Cake Pops.

Because these are a little involved to make, I actually started them Thursday night by baking the cake in order to be able to make the cake balls on Friday night.

Then came the very strange process of crumbling the perfectly baked cake, it felt wrong to mash a cake to bits, and then mixing in the frosting.  Very backwards, but worth it.

After rolling up the cake balls and inserting the sticks, I put them in the fridge over night before coating them in chocolate, below are the finished products, and they were a huge hit at the party!

Cake Pops


Another successful venture in the kitchen!


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