Happy Pony-versary

Two years ago today I started part-boarding my mare Libby.

One of our very first days together

These two years have gone by fast, but a lot has happened with us over this amount of time.  First, there was the long task of getting her back up to a healthy weight, Libby wasn’t looking so good when I first met her in a flooded frozen barn in March 2008.  She had been living with a pony who would eat her grain on her, and she was too much of a wuss to fight back.  So, for the first little while, I only rode for short amounts of time, and we fed her as much as possible.  I am super happy to say that she now looks awesome, and once the summer grass comes in this year, we may be bordering on the fat side for her.  This, in horses like Libby who lose weight in the winter, is a VERY good thing.

We also had some ups and downs with barn situations.  The first place we were at was good, but the barn owner and Libby’s  rightful owner clashed, so we moved.  Then, we were at a farm for the summer of 2008, and it was great, wash stalls, laundry, the owners loved Libby, but in August, things got bad and we had to move.  We were only at barn #3 for a month, I hated that place, and that’s when we moved into our current barn.

We LOVE where we are now.  The owners take awesome care of Libby, the feed her extra because they know how quickly her weight can fluctuate, she has a stall right by the tack room, so she gets lots of visitors, all of the other

boarders are adults, it’s really nice and quiet.   I have also become very good friends with another pony mom, Laura.  Honestly, I think horse people are the best people out there.  If I can’t make it to the farm, like over the last 6 weeks with my broken foot, I know that at least Laura is going in and saying hi to Libby and giving her a hug for me.  This gives me a very warm, fuzzy feeling.  Thanks for everything you help me out with Laura, you’re the best!

Another person I need to thank is Caitlin, she is after-all, the one who introduced me to Rachel (Libby’s owner) and convinced me that Libby would be a perfect fit as a horse to work with and learn from.  We did a lot while Caitlin was coaching us, attempting to make a jumper out of me, I finally tackled the hurdle that was the 2’9 jump.  For some reason, which I still do not have the answer too, I mentally shut down at 2’6 and get quite scared.  Must have something to do with knowing how long it takes to heal!  Thanks for pushing me Cait, and for understanding when I decided to really focus on making Libby into a dressage horse.  Ang, thanks for letting me ride Teade, and learn how things are actually supposed to feel so I can try to do them with Libby, and thanks for coming out and helping us.  Being able to tap into your knowledge has really helped out a lot, and hopefully I can get out there this summer and win a ribbon or two.

Rachel, even though you will probably never read this, thank-you for sharing your horse with me.  She is an amazing creature who never ceases to amaze, frustrate and entertain me.  It will be hard to give her up when I finally buy a horse of my own.

Taken March 31, 2010

Clearly, dear readers, you can tell that I love this horse beyond belief.  She offers me an outlet for stress, and gives me goals to accomplish.  So, with that, I conclude, happy 2 year pony-versary Libby, here’s to a few more years together!

ps…… you stink, and you are getting a bath ASAP, maybe you could stop rolling in the mud?


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