Wedding Invitations ~ A rant

My fiance’s sister is getting married in August of this year, and as a gift, I am making their wedding invitations for them.  This rant is not about them, the couple, they are quite lovely to deal with.  This rant is about the lack of Canadian suppliers of DIY wedding invitation supplies.  I’m not asking for a lot, I want to do a simple pocket fold invitation.  BUT the cheapest I can find a pocket-fold in Canada is like $3.50/piece.

Where can I buy this in Canada?!?!?!

Now, of course there is an abundance of American sites, but to get them to ship to Canada, I’ll have to pay COD charges.  Something that cannot be determined until the product is actually delivered.  Why do I not have American family members that I can ship this stuff too?  Why are there not any Canadian sites that I can find online?

Why is this so frustrating?  (perhaps because I am focusing on this instead of my actual work)

ps… I am getting a quote from Cards & Pockets…. without the stinky COD charges.  (the above, while very nice, is NOT my design)


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