Because I don’t think about things

Because I don’t think about things, before committing, I often end up stretching myself VERY thin.  Sometimes I drag others down with me.

Example 1:

Me: “hmm, I’d like to learn how to actually decorate a cake”

Snowballs into me signing up for a night class with my mom, who also doesn’t have a lot of free time, and now we are spending every Thursday up to our elbows in frosting, learning to make things like this

Never got eaten

This is from class #1, I hope I improve from here, it would be pretty embarrassing to fail the ‘Wilton Cake Decorating’ school.

Example 2:  “Sure, I would love to take on designing two websites for you.”  (mind you this one is a paying gig)  This is sure to result in more missed nights at the barn, and less sleep, BUT, it will pay off a nice chunk of debt.  So in the end, it will be worth it.

The next time I get some hair-brained idea to do something like reupholster a couch myself, or re-finish some old windows to make picture frames… please, someone make me stop, count to ten, and really think about it before diving in head first.



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