Don’t eat your work

Last night was class number three of my first cake decorating course.  Now, I’ll admit, after the first class I was kinda dreading going back.  No one told us we would have to bake and ice a cake every week before even going into class.  But, last night, we did cupcakes, and I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like cupcakes.  So, dear readers, I have decided to continue on and complete all of the classes that are offered and attempt to become a master cake decorator.

I’m not trying to turn this into a job or anything, but at least my friends & eventual kids will have some awesome, homemade, birthday cakes!

Last nights class focused mainly on buttercream flowers, including the daunting “ROSE”, which actually turned out to be very fun to make, and kinda easy once you got the hang of it.  Although, I did hear some of my class-mates state that their cakes simply would never include a rose *cough* MOM *cough*

Here is last nights creation


mmmm purple-y


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