Bridal Shower Sugar Cookies

You know how some people, despite how hard they try, just don’t get along with their in-laws?

I am not one of them.

I LOVE my in-laws, and I think the feeling is mutual.  So when I got the invitation to my future-sister-in-law’s Bridal shower, I knew I wanted to make something to contribute to the event.   And who doesn’t like sugar cookies (besides Scott, they have no chocolate chips in them) especially when they are decorated in white and pink??

I had the entire evening to myself, Scott was out celebrating graduation with his buddies from school, so I put on my lulu’s, turned the TV onto TLC and began decorating.  I thoroughly enjoyed making these, not because they were conveniently delicious, but because I knew Lisa would truly appreciate the effort I put into them.

A close up of the finished cookies

I think I see myself making a lot of sugar cookies in the future!

The collection


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