Convocation, a very proud day

My fiance graduated from university on Friday, he was a Mechanical Engineering student, and graduated “with distinction”.  Which I translate into “super smart”, I don’t even understand the title of some of the courses he took!!

When we met, Scott was doing a year as an internship with OPG (Ontario Power Generation) at their Darlington plant and had a few more years of schooling to do, it felt like this stage was going to take FOREVER, now looking back, it wasn’t that bad.

so very proud of all he accomplished

Yes, we had to cut back on the big dates, and only go out every so often, but we learned to enjoy cooking together, and the joy of relaxing together after a long week and snuggling up with a movie and each other.  We made a point of going away together each summer, so that it felt like we had some down time, and we now know, that when there is no money in the budget for “entertainment”, we will get by.

The cast of supporters!

Next big event to look forward too, our wedding,  July 9, 2011


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