Let there be lawn.

The mister and I had a rare occurrence this weekend, we had the cottage all to ourselves.  This has happened maybe 5 times in the 4 years we have been together, and while we absolutely LOVE being there with the whole family, being there alone is a nice detox from the craziness of life.

Now, I haven’t been writing this blog for very long, so most of you don’t know that last August, his parents tore down the 50-year-old cottage they had bought, and began rebuilding a beautiful new place.  A place they can retire in, and a place that would be big enough for all of us, and for the some-day addition on grandchildren.  Some day, not now, someday.  Building a new cottage is a lot of work, and we missed out on helping a lot over the last year because Scott was finishing university, and was really focused on his work.  The one weekend when we WERE able to make it up to help out, I broke my foot…. epic failure!

So, early last week we got an email from Scott’s dad:

M & I are off this w/end (a mini-vacation!) going to a play at the Huron Playhouse….so you guys can have the “lakehouse” to yourselves!   I know you’ll want to do a few things while you’re here (it can be very boring….!), so there’s a chance the sod for the back yard will be in Minden on Friday afternoon.  If so, there’s 90 rolls, will fit okay in your truck (or pull along my trailer), and I’ve marked out the lines for the install.  BTW, green side up.

Guess what, the order for 90 rolls was in, there was a message waiting for us on the phone when we got there…

The before picture, after a night of rain, nice and muddy!

Green side goes where Dad???

All done, and I think we did great!!

I only hope the poor Apple Tree recovers from all the stress it went through last fall, I hear dynamite can be a real shocker to one’s root system!


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