Cozy = tiny

It has begun.

Scott and I have started the search for our first apartment together.   I am not 100% enjoying myself.  Yes, there are a lot of ads posted everyday, but we feel that now that we are both working full-time, we should be a little picky.  Afterall, this is the place we will live until we buy our first house, so I would like it to be a little more grown up than milk crates for bookcases.

Now I will openly admit, the only apartment I ever lived in was the one I had in University, and my room-mate found that one.  So, the process of going through online ads is starting to wear me down.

~ Immaculate 2 bedroom in Victorian home, windows galore. Not immaculate, clean enough, if you were a guy.  Was on the top floor of the house, how would we move a queen sized bed up those stairs??  I had mental images from “Friends”, the one where they move the couch and Ross is yelling “PIVOT, PIVOT, PIVOT”.  No outdoor space, we would never have made it to our wedding day living there together.  A few windows, but they were all covered with cardboard boxes, I believe this was done so the current tenant could avoid being cooked from the heat in the apartment from the sun and units below.

~ Take advantage of an Open Concept style apartment with a Huge Living room and cook up a storm in the massive kitchen while still being able to entertain your guests. Yea, you can entertain your guests, because they would be practically sitting on top of the stove while you cooked.  Pass

~ 1 bedroom coach house, a/c, laundry, parking, all-inclusive. We are going to see this one on Monday, I hope it works out, it sounded nice when I talked to the lady on the phone, but then again, they all have.

Wish us luck!!


2 thoughts on “Cozy = tiny

  1. ash – good luck! thankfully matt and i have time before that. first have to figure out which med schools i get into. love the “friends” image though. that’s exactly what i thought of when my current apartment wanted me to switch to the third floor (which i refused since i was happily on the first)

  2. It’s so annoying!! It would be much easier if I did not have to travel an hour to go and see places that end up not working out. Hopefully Monday will work out, if not, it’s back to kijiji I go!

    Med school….you must be super smrt!

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