Weekend cuteness

Any weekend where I get to spend time playing with a baby is a good weekend, but make that baby be a foal, and this girl is in her glory.  This weekend I met Hilla, Hilla is my friends week old Friesian colt.  He is the cutest thing on four legs, here, see for yourself:

But wait, it gets cuter!That’s Hilla with his mom Liske, Hilla is Liske’s first foal, and she is handling being a mom very well, she’s a little protective of him, but not outright mean if you get close.

I got to the farm mid-morning, so the little guy was a little tired.

Aww finally someone for Charlie to nap with.  Hilla is already very brave when Charlie comes running, he just stares him down and then walks away.  Perfect training for future encounters with dogs.

And last but not least, a close up.

Expect more shots of this guy as he grows up, his human mom is living in Holland for the year, so it’s my job to keep her posted on him, and all the other farm animals.

Life is rough!


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