Here is a collection of random things:

– Scott’s truck went into Toyota on Monday for an electrical problem on Monday, simple lighting issue, and they discovered that his frame is rusted out.  Cost of repair $16,000!!!!!!  Luckily, Toyota is footing the bill, cause we don’t gots that kinda cash just lying around.

– There was an earthquake yesterday, it’s all anyone could talk about for the rest of the day.  I realize this may be a common thing for some of my American bloggy friends, but this is rare in Ontario.

– We went to see a “Coach House” apartment on Tuesday.  Translation – room above garage.  Outcome – TINY!!!  Would have been perfect, if there was only one of us and we had zero belongings.

– I am currently working on putting together a collection of framed photographs I have taken to ship down to Kentucky to be displayed at WEG 2010 (World Equestrian Games).  If you are not horse savvy, this is a big deal.

– I am trying to personalize this little blog site to reflect me more, and wordpress less.  I made the header up there last night, please give me some honest opinions of it.

– My parents have been renovating the house, slowly, room by room, for what seems forever.  For a retired guy, my dad works too much.

– I miss my friend Angela.  I miss hearing her say “Girlfriend, you have no idea”.   I’m going to have to plan a Skype date with her soon!

– Going to the lake for the weekend, it’s the annual lobster dinner.  Can’t wait, but it of course is going to rain.  And Scott will have to eat steak, due to the whole seafood allergy.

– Never ignore a scratch, no matter how small it may seem.  I have a small scratch on my arm, thought nothing of it, until I developed a rash.  Turns out its a parasitic infection and I have to be on antibiotics to 10 days.  It itches like mad, I want to remove my arm.


3 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. ash – i definitely like the new header. maybe you can just change the background color of the blog? not sure if that’s possible, but it would make the “notebook paper” stand out more

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