The Gathering by Ann Enright

I love a good book.  You see, I commute to work, on the GO Train, and I rely on a book to get me through the hour-long train ride.  I will 99% of the time have a book in my purse.  Something that is engaging, and entertaining.

This book was neither of those things.

The Gathering, is basically about an Irish family getting together for their brother’s funeral.  But also looks back on his relationship with his sister, who has gone to retrieve his body after he commits suicide.

Sounds cheerful eh?

Now, I don’t only pick happy-go-lucky books.  I’m good with books that explore darker subjects.  But, the key is doing it well.  The story jumped around a lot, and made it confusing to track who the characters were at times.

It was like reading a diary written by someone who was drunk when they made entries.

Hmm, is that how my blog reads?  Maybe I should publish it, and I will win a Man Booker Prize.  I think this may be the first book I have written about that I didn’t love, but life is like that, and I don’t want you all to think I love everything that comes into my life.  There are books I will not love, recipes I will tear up, and then there are raisins.  But that’s another blog post all on its own.

There you have it, the first post on something I didn’t like, from now on, I promise to write about all the good, bad and ugly things I come across.


One thought on “The Gathering by Ann Enright

  1. ash – it really does happen. you’ll find some books you just can’t stand. i don’t think i realized until the 4th grade that there’d be some books i’d hate. books i wouldn’t want to finish and didn’t have to. unfortunately the first book i realized that with was actually a school summer reading book that we were supposed be tested on. i got very lucky when the teacher decided to let us pick which 2 of the 3 books we wanted to be tested on.

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