A dot on a map

I know a lot of people who find/found wedding planning stressful, and honestly, I am not one of them.  I mean, it’s still a little over a year away and I have all the essentials taken care of.  The part I am really struggling with….the honeymoon.  I mean, where do we go?

We know that we don’t want to go to an island and lie on a beach the whole time, it’s just not who we are.  I’d love to go to Europe, but have you ever noticed how BIG Europe is?  Having never been there, how do I even know where to start?  It would be nice if the Mister would take care of this detail, seeing as how I am planning 99% of the rest of the affair.  Now, to be fair to him, I know he could care less about flowers, therefore I save both of us by going to those appointments with my momma.

So readers, help me out!  Where do you think we should go?  Where are you planning on going?  Or where have you gone in the past?


One thought on “A dot on a map

  1. if you pick one country you could maybe explore a couple cities? like france has provence, paris, nice, etc. but that depends on how long you want the honeymoon to be (not to mention the money part but traveling in europe definitely doesn’t have to be expensive). i’d vote for italy though. i’m in love with that country. i went to florence, rome, and venice as a family vacation/hs graduation gift. how can you not love a country where all the men call you “bella?”

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