Ten On Tuesday (37)

1. If given the opportunity, would you choose a mediocre job that paid well or your dream job that paid poorly?
I would absolutely take my dream job if it paid poorly.  Money can’t buy you happiness, and let’s face it, we are stuck at work for 40 hours a week, I would rather love my time there than dread it.  PS  Dream job = photographer.

2. What is your favorite thing about the 4th of July? (For the foreigners: What is your impression of the 4th of July?)
Impression – Americana, and nothing says pride for your country like blowing things (fireworks) up.  Don’t worry, we do it here in Canada as well, just a few days earlier than y’all.

3. What’s the most random fact you know about American history?
I am Canadian, therefore, don’t know much about American history.  Sorry, please don’t stop loving me.

4. What is the best fireworks display you’ve ever seen?
Best ever?  Two summers ago in Niagara Falls with Scott, they set them off every night over the falls, it was a great display.  And then I always enjoy the ones up at the cottage, I just wish the boys would stick to one beer before lighting them.  Lot’s of laughing and “ooops” coming up from the dock, so far, no serious injuries.

5. Who taught you how to put on makeup?
I’d have to say myself, and my mom.  I don’t wear a lot on a day-to-day basis, but occasionally like to play with eye shadows.

6. Have you ever gone through a financial planning process? Tell us about it.
No.  But it is something I should seriously consider.  Especially if we want to buy a house ASAP.

7. What was your favorite outfit as a kid? Bonus points for pictures.
I only had older male cousins, and I believed this influenced my clothing choices, as my family was BIG on hand-me-downs.  While I do not really remember having a favourite outfit, I do love this photo of me when I was little in overalls and a t-shirt.

8. Do you prefer a beach, lake, swimming pool, or no water?
All of the above.  Pool if there is no lake, or if I want to swim laps etc.  Lake any other time, but not a lake with lots of weeds.  Weeds are slimy, and when they touch me in the water I immediately freak out, because some monster is trying to drag me back to his underwater layer.  Over react much??  I think not.

9. Do you recycle? If not, why?
Darn right I do!  We barely have any garbage, they actually only pick it up every other week, and every week they do recycling and compost.

10. What are your thoughts and feelings about the Twilight Saga?
I am with Chelsea on this one, I really loved the books but I hate the movies.


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