365 and counting

Today marks the 1-year point until our wedding, and I have been told by many that it is going to FLY by, until this point, there have been very few wedding planning posts on here.  That’s bound to change!  And while it is still a year away, I already have a large portion of the planning work done.

It all started with this

Venue – booked
Caterer – booked
Photographer – booked
Decorator – booked
Florist – booked
Officiant – booked

I’m sure there are LOTS of things that I am missing still, like cake…. but that’s another post on its own.  I might need some help on that one, cause the future husband doesn’t like cake…  I promise to try to not bore you readers to death, there I go, assuming that people actually read these ramblings of mine.  But the whole point of this blog when I started it was to document this adventure into wedded bliss, so that after the big day is over, I can look back and see if everything I had dreamt of, and planned, worked out.

So bare with me, I may need advice, or simply an open ear.  Or a shoulder to cry on.

Or someone to pass me a bottle of wine, wine makes everything better.


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