The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

Art Of Racing In The Rain is written from the dogs perspective, looking back over his life with his master Denny on the eve of his death.  I was skeptical when I picked it up, because let’s be honest, if not written properly, a book like this could get hokey.

It was written properly.

Enzo is a Lab x Terrier who believes that after his death, he will be reincarnated as a human, and plans on using all his life lessons as a dog once he obtains opposable thumbs.  You see, he is a philosopher, as well as a race car enthusiast.  And Denny, his human, just happens to be a race car driver, who educates Enzo on the art of driving wet roads.

They experience much more than car races together however.  Denny falls in love, and Enzo gains another human.   Then, Zoe is brought into the picture, and Enzo vows to protect her for the rest of his life, even though no one can hear this promise.  Throughout a dramatically rough patch in his life, Denny relies on Enzo to be the one constant companion, and Enzo feels he’s done his part to re-unite the family.  I won’t give it away, because you should enjoy the giggle when it comes along.

Art Of Racing In The Rain was a refreshing book to read, and excellently written, I will warn you however, that a lot of this should not be read in public, unless you are okay with strangers watching you cry.


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