A place to call home

It finally happened.

We finally found the perfect place to live until we can afford to buy our own home.  But it was not without a lot of effort, and even more kijiji stalking for listings.  Before I share about the new venue for our lives, let’s have a little run-down on all the frogs we kissed in the process.

1 – 5 floors up, winding staircase, how would we get a queen bed even UP there?

2 – Landlord seemed to be the type who would complain if Scott wanted to play his guitar LOUDLY.

3 – Can we live in a shoebox?  I’m sorry, but we actually have some furniture to move with us.

4 – Dog poo on the carpet and the famous “sometimes if the wind blows in the wrong direction, the smoke from the chimney will come back into the apt”.  Enough said.

5 – “I like my privacy” meaning, STAY IN THE FREAKIN BASEMENT.

6 – “We have a 2-year-old” – PASS, I mean, I LOVE kids, but I don’t really want to hear them running overhead at 5am on Saturday.


(I may have missed some in between, after a while they started to blend together)

Onto our place, it is a unit in a beautiful Victorian brownstone and is on the main floor.  We also have a basement that has TONNES of storage space and our very own washer & dryer 🙂  Instead of writing about it, I’ll show you some pictures.Ours would be the bottom half of the unit by the stop sign, it was once a dentist office, so it has A/C.  The also left the dentist sign on the front of the building, it adds some nice character.

The kitchen, yes single sinks suck, but look how much cupboard space we have!  Expect to see lots of food pictures coming out of this kitchen!  We have yet to determine if there is enough space for our kitchen table, I hope there is, cross your fingers for us.

Why yes, that IS a fireplace in our bedroom.  It doesn’t work anymore, but it sure looks nice!  The bedroom is also huge, but, being an old home there are no closets, it will be interesting finding homes for stuff, but I have faith that I will work it all out!This is our enclosed verandah.  This will be our quiet space, a place to sit and read, or just have “alone” time.  Scott rarely needs alone time, I seem to require more.  I’m hoping to grow our herb garden in here throughout the winter, but am unsure if it will survive.

So that’s it!  We move in at the end of August.  We actually signed all the paperwork on Monday, but I couldn’t post until now because my parents were on vacation, and I didn’t want them finding out about it when my mom signed into facebook.  That just would not be right.


4 thoughts on “A place to call home

  1. Looks amazing! Congrats! I’ve done lots of places with no closets – it’s not so bad. Get some under the bed storage bins, maybe an armoire (sp?), and a cute chest to put at the foot of your bed.

  2. Absolutely LOVE it !!! And its charm!! That’s why we loved our old Bowmanville apt so much! Great find- lots of memories to be made there;)

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