If the shoe fits

This has not been the easiest week of my life.

My Didi is in the hospital, he’s 95, diabetic, and went into renal failure.  This was after my Aunt had an ambulance take him in when she found him throwing up blood.  He’s in CCU (Critical Care Unit), and things are looking better, but it’s still not an easy thing to deal with.  Although, I have to admit, I am dealing with it much better after having gone to visit him last night.  When you can’t see them first hand, you assume the worst.  And then when my mom warned me not to get upset when we walked in the room, I was dreading what we would find.  I do not handle these things very well, which is why I could not go to the hospital alone, I know myself, it would just result in me being a slobbering mess, crying in my car in the parking lot.  And it would be the ugly cry.  But he was sleeping, and he looked like himself.  Just a little puffier because he’s been retaining water.  So, while he is not out of the woods yet, things seem to be improving, please send him some good thoughts if you are reading this.

Since he was sleeping peacefully when we were there last night, we stayed for about an hour and then took my Baba home, I am pretty sure she had been there all day with him.  Then, I had to run an errand so my mom took me to the mall before dropping me off at my car.  And that’s when something happy happened.  I found them.  The shoes I shall wear on my wedding day.

Now, I don’t want to give too much away, because then there will be no surprises on the actual day, so here is just a little peek.

Trust me, they are going to be super cute peaking out from under my dress.


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