What were they thinking?

My friend sent me a link to a wedding dress yesterday.  We’re both getting married in 2011, so this is something we do a lot.  My first reaction when I opened the link was, what the heck was the designer thinking?

This is the dress she sent me:

Seriously, would you ever buy this dress?  Or even try it on?  Did the designer make this on a dare, was it for some outlandish design contest, have they ever sold one??

Which lead me into digging around online for other dresses to file in the “I’ll never wear this” file.

Isn’t it just beautiful?  I love the cupcake-ness of it, and nothing says classy wedding like cleavage and a sheer bodice.  Hi Grandma, do you like what I’ve done with my belly button? PS, the model has a cheesy pose like this in almost ALL the shots on the site, and they use this lovely background for most as well.  I must remember that this is how to stand on one’s wedding day.

Dear mid 1900’s, romanticgowns.com has stolen your wedding dresses.  These can be searched under the ‘entirely too much fabric’ or ‘good lord, never, ever, ever’ categories.

Oh Pnina Tornai, so many girls pay so much for your dresses, but looking at this, I cannot understand why.

There are almost no words for this Melissa Sweet dress, it looks like scraps from a costume for a Sesame Street character.  Lord help you if you have allergies………….

Send me a link to your favorite ugly wedding dress!


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