Hello vacation!

Finally, I am working my last day of the week and then as of this afternoon I will be on vacation until September 7th!  We don’t really have a whole lot planned, besides moving, setting up the new place, perhaps painting and what I am really excited about, a trip to IKEA!

I have so many ideas running through my head for the new house, but I am going to have to pace myself, I need to save some projects for when Scott is out of town for work and I am all alone.  I also have a VERY itchy shutter finger, so I may take some time to wander around our new town and take some photo’s, the house we are moving into was built in 1860 I think, so there is a lot of great old buildings in our area, as well as a bike path and park.

Last night I went to visit Teade, I’m his horsey-step-mom while Angela is living in Holland, and I had been neglecting him lately, so last night he got a good brushing, a bath and a few apples.  He’s such a sweet horse, and he really helped me relax a bit after everything that has been going on.  I’m hoping to get to her house at least once next week to ride him, I’m sure we could both use the workout.


I may not be posting as much next week, but stay tuned for lots of pictures and posts about our new home!


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