Gifts from Holland

I love getting letters from Angela in Holland, but presents……………oh my!!

Now, I knew this gift was coming, because Ange was too excited for me to receive it to NOT tell me.  So, I was basically stalking the mailbox all last week, but somehow I missed him and was dismayed to find one of those annoying door tags telling me I couldn’t pick it up until the next day at the post office, this was Wednesday of last week, but we were going up to the cottage, so I had to wait until Friday.

It was worth the wait!

I love how colourful everything from Angela is, all my letters are like a rainbow, it makes me happy to look at them!  I listened to the letter and opened the gifts first, starting with the little one.

It’s a Pandora Charm bracelet, I love it!  I can’t wait to add to it on top of the pretty start Ange made for me!  After I convinced (made) Scott help me put it on I went back outside to the sun porch to open the larger gift.

These little birds are adorable, I’m sure I can find a really great spot to place them in our home, and the little bell heart, apparently most homes in Holland have them to symbolize that there is love in the home.  Which there most definitely is here.

Thank you Ange for my beautiful early Christmas gifts 🙂  Cannot wait to send you yours!



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