Saying Yes to the Dress!


I did it, scratch another thing off the wedding ‘to-do’ list, I have bought my dress!

I went on Saturday to Superior Bridal in Markham with my mom, Maid of Honour Jennifer, and my two Aunts, for what I hoped was the final day of dress shopping.

Now, I had tried on a dress last year that I absolutely loved, but was reluctant to buy because it was so long until the wedding, so that was definitely on the list of dresses to re-try, but I also wanted to see some suggestions from the bridal consultant, because the last time we went out shopping, we didn’t have ANY help from a store employee.  So we put on dress A, and I still loved it, but opted to try some others.  One was nice, but had a lot of tulle and was itchy, the second one we could barely get on, then there was a really nice lace number, but I knew I would be fidgety in it all night, so we put dress A back on and that was it.  Done and done, measure me up Vi.

Measurements taken, deposit paid, accessories played with.

Then we went out for a lovely lunch, where I discovered that I had to return to the bridal shop, because I had unknowingly left still wearing their bracelet.

How awkward!

Oh, and I had numerous compliments on my wedding binder, so look for a post featuring that later this week!

Have a great Monday 🙂


5 thoughts on “Saying Yes to the Dress!

  1. So glad you got the dress you really wanted! I know you will look beautiful! We are so looking forward to the wedding – another big milestone in our family!

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