Hiking, family, turkey and fall colours

That pretty much sums up my Thanksgiving weekend.  On Friday after work we made the 2 hour trek to the cottage, we were looking forward to some much needed down time up north, and the promise of a weekend filled with good weather, family & friends, and good food made it all the more attractive.

On Saturday, the whole fam-damily headed out for a fall hike at “Caution Cliffs” that’s not the real name of the place, just a nickname from when Scott and Lisa were kids.

Things people should tell you before they take you somewhere you have never been before: “oh hey, the first half of this hike is all up hill, you are part mountain goat right?”

Yea, NO, but we made it to the top, and the view was worth the vertical climb.

And to prove that we made it there together, a rare shot of us together

Saturday afternoon was filled with reading, some naps, perhaps some wine and a visit with the Smith’s (officially my favourite people from Oakville), and lead into a nice dinner with more wine, more food, and more Smith’s (never a bad thing).

Sunday was the main event.  TURKEY DINNER.  And as an extra special treat, my family was joining his family at the cottage for dinner, as well as Helen & Bruce, Scott’s Aunt and Uncle.

Pause for a brief period where the boys had to get in the lake and remove, not one, but two docks.  There are no pictures, I promised there would be no pictures…

Dinner was fantastic, sitting at a table with people who love and support you unconditionally, in all that you do, makes you realize that you truly do have a lot to be thankful for.

Nature is awesome!


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