A makeover story

A lot of our furniture Scott has owned since he lived out west, so it’s travelled, and gotten some experience as furniture, and is showing it’s age.  Like the couch.  There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s perfectly comfortable, has a pull out bed, should we ever have overnight guests and fits the livingroom perfectly.  But, man o man was the cover faded.  Luckily, this was an Ikea couch, and all we had to do was get our hands on a new slip-cover, something that was on the list of things to buy, but very, very close to the bottom of that list.

Even luckier, Scott’s parents had something to return to Ikea, but had misplaced the receipt or something like that, so they could only get an exchange or store credit, they offered us a new cover for the couch and I couldn’t say no!  Not too many colour choices, white (never in a million years), and ugly floral print, and black.  Black it was, and in 10 minutes it was like we had a brand new sofa!

Sad faded old red couch.

New and improved!!  Also, allow me to introduce you to Phil, our Zebra.  He was a house-warming gift from Scott’s sister Lisa and her hubby Ben.  Thanks guys, I LOVE him!!

Since we are in the living room, allow me to show you the view from the couch.

Scott built the shelves above the TV, they added some much-needed additional storage, and filled up the large space on the wall housing a whole lot of nothing before this.


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