A makeover story, continued

This is the one where I get to use power tools, well…..not use so much as stand close too while my future father-in-law uses them.

A while ago, while tripping through my normal blog readings, I came across a project on Young House Love that I absolutely needed to do, but do my own way, a little more rustic, and using wood from the land surrounding the cottage.

So, on Sunday, Andy and I stole up to the shop in search of the perfect piece of wood, to make my cheap and cheerful shelves.  Now, because I am still working on becoming a good blogger, I forgot to take pictures of the work in progress, but there are some of the finished products.

I must get around to painting that desk soon, anyone have tips on painting wicker?

A close up, we chose wood that had a nice bark edge, for a more natural look, and Andy put a groove into the top side of the shelves to keep stuff displayed from sliding off all the time.

I love these shelves, I love that I can quickly change the look of them, like I did last night by adding a new postcard from Angela, and come Christmas, we will have somewhere to display the Christmas cards we receive.  If we get some that is…..

Next up on the list of livingroom projects is the aforementioned painting of the desk, and the new coffee table that Scott’s dad is making us, it’s awesome having family members who are handy, and love spending time in their wood shop!

Thanks for all your help with this project Andy, it doesn’t take much to make this girl smile, and in this case it was two 5 foot pieces of tree.


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