The Wedding Binder

** SPOILER ALERT ** I’m a nerd.

I’ve debated back and forth on posting this project.  I am a highly organized person, like obsessively organized, so naturally this is spilling over into the planning of our wedding.

You will now be introduced to the wedding binder, and just how much of a nerd I am, please don’t stop loving me.

There’s no turning back now, you’ve got an inkling into how geeky this is going to get.

Dividers to keep everything organized, and make it easy to find contracts etc when I need them.

Yes, I stamped them by hand, letter by letter.   Those of you who were doubting my nerdiness are now believing it.

Pockets to hold other people’s wedding invitations to use as examples of wording for ours.  I made the yellow ones for my sister-in-law Lisa’s wedding that happened last August.

Cards that we got when we got engaged.  There’s also room for me to keep a guest list, copies of bridal shower invitations, and a list to make sure that I send EVERYONE a thank-you note that should be getting one.

I need to find a way to get paid to do this kind of stuff!


7 thoughts on “The Wedding Binder

  1. hehehehe after seeing this I think you might gasp if you saw how i’ve been organizing our wedding stuff — ie. my box with stuff tossed in it! 😛

    Nothing wrong with being a nerd!

  2. Ooooh – it’s lovely! I am so jealous of it. And no, none of it is nerdy (that being said I used to collect rocks/minerals as a kid… LOL). I definately think you could sell those on etsy – I would be your first customer!!! I too am guilty of shoving everything into a box. But to make matters worse I also have papers in a wedding planning book, papers in a folder, papers in an envelope AND spreadsheets on the computer.

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