A Lesson in Dressage

Last night I took my first riding lesson in a LONG time.  Now, I have been riding horses for as long as I can remember, but only picked up Dressage a year or two ago.  And even then, we just sort of fooled around, Libby wasn’t built to be a dressage horse, and Teade is way more advanced than I am.  So I thought, to make winter more bearable and hopefully improve in the saddle, I’d take a few lessons here and there to keep it up.

I learned last night that old habits die hard, and they come back strong when you don’t have anyone on the ground watching your every move.

My bad riding habits:

– looking at the ground, and to the inside of a 20m circle
– heels, they never stay down where they should be
– tipping forward
– hands too low

I am hoping that the more I think about these bad habits, the easier it will be to address them in the saddle.  My ultimate goal is to do some shows with Teade next summer when Angela is home, and I would like to look like I know what I am doing when I enter the ring at ‘A’.


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