Ten on Tuesday (52)

Wow, it’s been a while since I have filled one of these out, purely out of laziness!  First things first, I had an awesome weekend.  I spent it at my parents house, Scott was going up north and it was my mom’s birthday on Halloween, so why not!

Got my hair done, had brunch with my best friend, her mom, and my mom, went out for a lovely dinner with an even lovelier group of women and spent entirely too much money on clothes.  Ahh, it was exactly what I needed to help me get out of my little funk!

Ten on Tuesday (52) here we go:

1. Do you color? If you do, is it with markers, crayons, colored pencils, etc.? I do, almost daily at work, when I have a magazine in production I colour in the pages on the flowchart as I complete them so I know when everything is ready to be sent to the printer.  Usually use highlighters, which limits the colour options.  (For those reading this who don’t know me personally, you may be a little confused at this point, but just roll with it)

2. What’s the most organized part (or system) in your house? Um, all of it.  Seriously, clothes organized by season, work/casual/gym pants all go together etc.  Call me neurotic, but I love it.   DOn’t even get me started on how organized I am for the wedding, see post on nerdy wedding binder here.

3. What’s the most unorganized part (or system) in your house? Maybe the sun porch, now that it’s cold, we don’t do out there that often, but stuff is sort of “stored” out there.

4. If you had unlimited amounts of time and money, what museum would you want to see and why? The Louvre, because it’s in Paris, and because I have ALWAYS wanted to go there.

5. What is your favorite part of the fall season? New clothes and getting to be cozy again.  Snuggling under a fuzzy blanket to watch a movie.

6. Did you dress up for Halloween? Not this year, but my brother did, he was ‘Mantracker” and he looked awesome.

7. Have you started Christmas shopping? Sort of, I am starting to formulate idea’s on what to buy people.

8. Do you crack your knuckles? Yes..

9. If you had to live in another city for a year (all expenses paid), which city would you choose? Vatican City, imagine all the culture you could soak in!

10. Do you have any recurring dreams? Not currently, or if I do, I cannot remember them!


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