Wholesale Heaven

Yesterday was amazing, I got so much accomplished in a few short hours, and it gave me the creative kick in the pants that I needed.

I went wholesale shopping for the wedding.  My “other mom” Marion owns a business, so it gave us access to stores we couldn’t normally go too, so after my doctor’s appointment, I headed into Mississauga with Marion, my mom, and my best friend and M-O-H Jenn to cross some things off the wedding to-do list.

What all did we get?

– vases for the centerpieces, all 18 of them, in stores they would have been close to $30.00, we got them for under $10.00

– candle holders for the tables

– lights and extra “sparkle” for the centerpieces

– some bonus items for my bouquet

– little bags for a part of the reception

I’m being vague because I want the whole thing to be a surprise to my guests, I don’t want to give too much information and ruin the effect of the first glance when they walk into the reception.

Only a little over 8 months to go!!


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