A Weekend to Relax

The last few weekends have been very busy, and heading into December, I don’t really see that changing for the next month.  So, I purposely made no plans for the past weekend so that Scott and I could head up to the cottage to spend some time with his parents, catch up on sleep, and just plain old spend some time together.

I left from work on Friday and took a different train to Stouffville to meet Scott and then we started the 2 hour drive.  We had to make only one stop along the way, in Sunderland, for the worlds best gas station BLT’s.  You don’t think it could be true, but boy oh boy, is it ever!!  Then we carried along our happy way, reaching the cottage around 8pm.  Now, usually Scott’s dad has been up there all week, so the place is nice and toasty when we walk in.  NOT the case Friday night, 8 degrees inside!  8.  And when we went to bed around 11:30, it had only gone up to 11, YIKES.

This, is what we woke up to on Saturday morning.

Thankfully, the cottage warmed up, and we had a good weekend.  Went on a walk with his mom and our cottage neighbour Lynn, baked cupcakes, watched a movie, had a birthday party for a 2-year-old.  We also stacked firewood on Sunday, and got out the Christmas decorations to take home to the city.  This will be the last year my “in-laws” will have a house in the city, next summer they will be retiring up north, so lucky.

I’m glad we took this weekend to recharge and relax before the mayhem of the holiday’s hits us like a tonne of bricks.  Perhaps we can make it through them without getting sick or too stressed out.

Oh, I also had time on Sunday to make a new friend.

Happy last day of November everyone!


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