My Buddy Xander

Sunday was awesome.  I managed to convince Scott to make the trip back to Bowmanville to spend a little time with my parents, but I also had to make a stop at a friends house to take some Christmas pictures of their little man Xander.

Today is his 8 month birthday, and every time I see him, he gets cuter!

Seriously, I don’t think this guy has ever had a cranky day.  I wouldn’t believe it if his parent’s told me otherwise.

But wait, it get’s better, there were costumes.

And dogs, Ziggy & Zeus, who also got costumes.

And then there was just a diaper and a hat!

Told you, freaking adorable.  I can’t wait to go back and take pictures of him for his first birthday.

PS. This hat will never be the same, so much drool!

And as an added bonus, this is what happens after Zeus gets over the trauma of being put in a costume.

Comfy Zeus?


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