Small Town Love

I’ve lived in a small town pretty much my entire life, but this year it’s a different small town.  And while Newmarket is definitely bigger & busier than Bowmanville, because we live in the historic section it still has that small town feeling.  My favourite thing about small towns is all the extra’s they do to really make it feel like a community.  I love the farmer’s markets, street festivals and parades.

Saturday night I discovered another thing I love about small towns, and that is the Newmarket Festival of Lights.  This is happening at Fairy Lake Park, which is conveniently a 3 minute walk from our front door.   Every night until New Year’s Eve, they light up a section of the park with Christmas lights, play carols, and have a little Tim Horton’s train giving families a ride through the display.  Scott and I made up mugs of grown up hot chocolate (we added Bailey’s) and went for a walk through the display.  It really helped to get us into the Christmas spirit.

This tree was really cool, it was made entirely out of CD’s which really caught the lights as the wind blew!



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