Let the festivities begin

On Friday we will be heading to Sarnia, Ontario for one of my most favourite events of the festive season, Latkefest.  Latkefest is hosted annually by the Maltin Family, and they are wonderful enough to include all their “non-Jewish family” in the event.  If I had to sum it up, hours and hours of good food, plenty of wine, and some of my most favourite people in the world (all of whom I have met since I started dating Scott).  After a good GREAT dinner we all gather in the dining room and the boys break out their guitars and there’s a fabulously entertaining sing-a-long.  Some years it stays tame, other years there is interpretive dance, it’s really a gamble as to what you are going to get.

In honour of Latkefest 2010 I have made and decorated sugar cookies, a sneak peek:

If you are going to be there Saturday night, act surprised when you see these!


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