It Was Something I Said

Planning a wedding results in a lot of talking about your wedding, and these days, even more blogging about your wedding.  I had decided to blog my way through the process of planning our wedding as a way to create a “scrapbook” of the whole process.  I also hope that it will help me to stay grounded, remember what has been done, and focus on what’s really important about it all.

Turns out, I am not the only ‘bride-to-be’ doing this.  There’s only about a zillion of us out there.  There are also so many wedding related blogs out there that I am sure I haven’t even scraped the top of the barrel.

One day, I stumbled on The Babbling Bride.  It’s a place where normal people planning weddings can share their experiences, ask for advice and vent.  I sent them an email and within a day, I was a contributor!

I will still be blogging here, for myself, but all my wedding related posts will also be featured on their site.  If you are planning a wedding, or are just wedding obsessed, I suggest you check them out!


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