It All Starts With a Venue

Before we could plan anything else we needed to set a wedding date, but before we set a date we had to pick a venue.  I did not want to start planning things around a date, and then find out the venue we liked was already booked.  So, we began the task of visiting many venues with my parents and trying to narrow it down.

Golf courses were beautiful, they came with built in scenery, but with it being summer and a Saturday, I really didn’t want to hear someone yell “four” as we were saying our vows.  Nor did I want all the extra spectators around.  Also, I don’t know if you know this, but golf courses are REALLY expensive.

We looked at a ski hill, which was also very nice, but VERY far from everywhere.  We looked at a rustic venue, which was also very far from anything.

Then I decided to write down the ‘musts’ for the venue:

  • affordable
  • close to a hotel (for out of town guests)
  • be able to host the ceremony as well as the reception
  • have character

That’s when my mom suggested we look at the Newcastle Community Hall.  The hall was built in 1923, has 25 foot ceilings and a little park off to the side with a gazebo.  I was a little unexcited about the idea of it, but knew within minutes that this was the place.

It is a COMPLETE blank slate, you get what you pay for, which is the building, tables & chairs.  The rest is up to us and our imaginations.  Which, between myself, my mom and my best-friend is a whole wide world of opportunities.  Another huge bonus of this historical gem is the park beside it, which we can use for FREE for the ceremony.  Not very often can you say you got something for free in the world of weddings.

Because we knew we would not be getting married until 2011, we had our pick of dates, and with this decision made we could begin the rest of the planning!

The main door of the building

The inside decorated for someone's wedding

A view of the gazebo where we will have the ceremony



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