My Girls

A girl needs girlfriends.

People who she can talk to, ask advice of, and cry in front of.  And not the cute movie star tears, I’m talking the ugly sobbing mess, and still know that they won’t stop loving her.  Only a girlfriend would understand WHY we are spending a day going to different wholesale places looking for vases.  Only a girlfriend would not ask questions when asked to come over and wrap 200 presents for wedding guests.  And only a girlfriend would spend hours upon hours looking at wedding dresses.

That’s why, when we got engaged, I immediately knew who I would ask to stand up with me on my wedding day, and I could not imagine getting married without these ladies by my side.

Maid of Honour: Jennifer

Jennifer and I have been friends since the beginning of highschool, which I hate to admit, was 15 years ago.

Wow, it makes me feel old to think I’ve known my best-friend for over half my life.

We have one of those amazing friendships that endures EVERYTHING.  Throughout university, my one degree and her 400 degrees, we didn’t see each other as often as we would have liked, but we ALWAYS picked up right where we left off.  This is the girl that I can count on for anything and everything.

We’ve been by each other’s side through happiness and sadness, new relationships, breakups, celebrations and unfortunately, deaths.  She has been the one constant in my life over many years, and the one person I could depend on, besides my family, to always be there for me.

Jennifer is one of those friends who inspires me to be a better person, she has a beautiful soul and an open heart and before I had even met Scott, I knew that she would be my maid of honour when I finally got married.

Bridesmaid: Amanda

Amanda and I grew up side by side.

We were the only 2 girls out of 6 grandkids that spent almost every day of summer vacation at our Baba & Didi’s house while our parents were at work.   The boys would fight over the 1 bicycle, we would play dress up in our Baba’s high heels and “vacuum” the basement with the carpet sweeper.  We’d make necklaces out of the jar of buttons, only to take it all apart and start over the next day.

We’d make Barbie house floor plans out of walnuts, play school using the map of Australia on the wall (Amanda always being the teacher, how funny that years later she moved to Australia for teacher’s college).  There was a point for a while, when Amanda refused to go to the cottage with her parents for a weekend unless I could come too.

I didn’t have a sister growing up, but I might as well have.  I have watched Amanda grow into a beautiful and confident woman, and am so proud that she is going to be part of my wedding, I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

Bridesmaid: Lisa

When I met Scott, I knew he had a sister, and that she was travelling in Thailand with her boyfriend Ben.  I could tell by how he talked about her, that she was someone very important in his life.  And if I was going to need anyone’s approval, it was probably going to be hers.

I never could have hoped for it to have turned out better.  Lisa and I quickly became friends, it helps when the guy you are dating has a family with a cottage.  You get to know his family quickly.  And you grow to love them like your own.

Some people may think that Lisa is in the wedding party simply because she is  Scott’s sister.  WRONG.  I want Lisa there, she has been a huge supporter of relationship since we began dating, I couldn’t NOT have her in the wedding party.

I was lucky enough to help Lisa out on her wedding day, and am honoured that she wants to be a part of ours.


Our wedding day would not be complete without these beautiful women by my side, it makes me unbelievably happy to have then in my life.


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