Room by Emma Donoghue

An amazing thing happened to me on Saturday, something that rarely happens in my adult life.

I got lost in the world of Room, and read it cover to cover in one day.


Ma is a 26-year-old woman who was kidnapped at 19 and held captive in an escape-proof, sound proof 11′ x 11′ room.  Ma has a 5-year-old son named Jack, who she cares for fiercely and has created a world for inside of room.  Room is all that Jack knows, he has songs, stories and physical education. He has a snake made from egg shells, and a maze made from toilet roll inserts.

Jack draws and writes letters on rolls of toilet paper, then re-rolls them to use in the bathroom.  He has plant, he has wardrobe,  he has wordy ball.  He has the unreal world of television which he sometimes watches in unlimited amounts when Ma doesn’t get out of bed. For Jack, these are the days `when Ma is gone’.

Then one day Ma tells Jack about ‘Outside’ and they formulate a plan to escape from Room, and have a chance at a real life, with much more to offer than Room.

This is an incredible story that was enhanced by being told in first person narrative of 5-year-old Jack.  In the beginning, I struggled with the flow of the language, but once I got the pattern down I was addicted to the story.  I found myself cheering for Ma and Jack as they fought against ‘Old Nick’ for their freedom.

Read this book, just drop anything and everything else you might be reading and pick this up.  I hope you love it like I did.




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