Setting the Tone

I knew one thing when we got engaged, I wanted a summer wedding, and I wanted to be able to use bright colours (I know, that’s actually two things).  So, once we had chosen our venue my mom and I started to play and brainstorm with colours.

I wanted to be able to use the colours to inject some life into the dark interior of the hall, to make it visually magical and really play up the whimsical feel I was hoping to create for the wedding.

Tiffany blue (turquoise, because it is just a tiny bit brighter) was a no brainer. I had been seeing it used in more and more weddings and absolutely loved the way it looks, it’s vibrant while not giving you a headache.  But what to pair it with?  We originally went with gold, but then that felt way too formal, so we picked white.  But even then, I wanted more.

Then we met with our decorator, remember the hall is a complete blank slate, and after choosing everything else with her, I chose the other accent colour.  And silly me, it was in the flowers I wanted all along.













Honeysuckle!  I can’t wait to see it all come together, I hope it turns out better than I can imagine!


ps. Both the bridesmaids and my mom’s dresses have come it, just waiting for Scott’s mom’s dress now!  I may post a sneak peek, but not identify who’s wearing what!


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