No Good

Sunday nights are generally pretty glum around our house.  Neither of us are looking forward to another busy week at work, and we try to make the best of it.  Yesterday was a pretty gloomy day in general (thanks winter) and I had declared a “do whatever you want day”.  I wanted one day to be able to say, ‘no, I am not doing that today, I’m only doing what I want’.

Apparently, doing what I wanted included watching 4 hours of CSI (yay Diva Channel), having KD for lunch with Scott while watching ‘Life As You Know It’ and finishing my jewellery display case (pics to come in another post).   **WARNING – If you haven’t watched this movie yet, it made me cry several times, which I was NOT expecting!!  I went to Michael’s to look around for ideas for the wedding, and hit the grocery store for dinner ingredients, then it was back home to relax for a while before cooking.

Dinner was amazing, I made Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Pot Pie from her book The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes From An Accidental Country Girl it’s to die for.  So creamy and gooey and comforting.  In my ‘no good’ way, I forgot to take a picture, but I’ll be making this again and promise to do so then!  Next on the list of things I wanted to do was watch ‘Megamind’ while eating dinner.  There was nothing good on tv because of the Oscars, so it was perfect timing for a cartoon movie.  Have you seen it yet?  It’s so cute, I want a minion of my very own now!

All day long I had been thinking about my booty camp training, and how it’s coming to an end this week.  I really want to keep pushing myself, and want to be extra ready when my next session starts April 4th, so I decided to re-visit the C25K running program.  I had done this last spring, and enjoyed it, but then slacked off huge since the winter hit us. I really am not fond of running on the treadmill.  But I decided to suck it up, and start today at the gym at lunch.  Unfortunately, in my stubborn mood yesterday I decided I didn’t feel like uploading the podcasts to my ipod last night and told myself there would be enough time to do it this morning.

Apparently I had forgotten that I am no good before 6am, and when I clicked upload, I chose week 3 instead of week 1. Thus, because of my lazy, stubborn mood yesterday, I ended up fast-forwarding my training today at lunch by 2 weeks.  But I am proud to say that, while I am no good before 6am, I was awesome at 11am when I rocked the podcast and managed to complete the whole thing without swearing in my head once.

Trust me, that’s a big deal.

*ps, how the heck is it ALREADY March tomorrow??


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