Birthday Cookies

Since I had nothing but time last week after being laid off from my job, I decided to make some decorated sugar cookies for my Mother-in-law’s birthday.  We were driving up to the cottage on Friday night to surprise her and I don’t like to show up empty-handed.

I’m not the only one to have gotten laid off from my former employer, 3 of us were let go on the same day, as have MANY before us due to cutbacks, but we’ll be fine.  I tend to bounce back pretty good when things like this happen.

Our drive to the cottage was, well, eventful.  We had decided to take my car because it’s better  on gas than his truck.  Little did we know there was a HUGE snow storm coming our way.  I was driving, lucky me, and white-knuckled it the way until we stopped to pick up pizza’s.  Then it was Scott’s turn, we were okay until we had to turn onto the cottage road, then we almost slid into the stop sign.  Then we had to take a run at actually getting up the cottage road in my car with no snow tires.  But we made it, and had a great weekend relaxing with his parents.

Yesterday we spent some time with Scott’s bestman and his family, it was their daughter Christina’s 3rd birthday party.  Christina is one of our favourite kids, she says the cutest things, and yesterday I found out something very important from her, Diego is her boyfriend.

Now you are up to date on my life.  I’m unemployed and doing fine.  I didn’t want to post anything on here until I had a chance to tell my parents, they were in Cuba all last week, lucky them!

Did you like my cookies?  I’m thinking about selling these by order, but am still researching options/pricing etc.

Happy Monday!


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