A Pause.

How quickly life changes.

Since being laid off I have been spending more time away from the computer, which has been a nice break, but the blog has also suffered.  But really, it’s fine, this blog isn’t my life, it’s just a way to take a break from life and have something to reflect on when I look back.

So what have I been doing instead?  Well, baking cookies as gifts for loved ones:

I’ve been sorting out some of the finer details for the wedding, and finishing up a lot of little DIY projects, which I will probably photograph and post next week, and I’ve been working on me.  I’ve started running outside again, which is a struggle and a half in this slushy/snowy weather, and I’ve been pushing myself to continue with the Booty Camp workouts at home before my next session starts in April.

I’ve also been cleaning/organizing and purging our house of clutter.  It’s amazing how fast the stuff adds up, even if it is just magazines.  I’m getting rid of clothes that should have been tossed long ago, I’m getting comfortable in our creepy basement when home alone.

But I am NOT getting used to sleeping in and lying around all morning.  Because, I have also been working on my career, and I may have some awesome news to share soon, but I am not spilling any details until I have signed some paperwork making it concrete.

Thanks for putting up with my absence.


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