Let them eat cake

This is the only decision I struggled with in planning the wedding.  Do I get a cake, cupcakes, bake my own, do a dessert buffet or what.  As soon as you attach the word wedding to anything it’s like the price goes up 10% automatically.

I priced out a lot of cakes, and it seemed like no matter where I looked, it was going to be around $500. FOR CAKE?! And I can’t remember how many weddings I have gone to and NOT had a piece of their cake.  I remember the day after my best-friends wedding we still had more than half her cake left over.  I like cake and all, but I don’t want to be eating it for 3 weeks after the wedding.  Neither do our families.

For about a week I toyed with the idea of making my own cake, 2 false layers and 1 real cake layer just for cutting pictures etc.  But then I remembered that I already have a lot on my plate and kicked that one to the curb.

The dessert buffet idea I liked, but again, that would mean a lot of baking for my mom and I, and it’s going to be a busy week leading up to the wedding.

Then my maid of honour told me to check out a company page on Facebook, and I was saved.  Cupcakes Under Cover is a one woman bakery in Oshawa, Ontario and she was amazingly not booked up for our wedding day.  I had several great emails back and forth with Tammy, and quickly booked her to save me from baking and decorating 130 cupcakes the day before my wedding.

Below is a sample picture of cupcakes in our colours that Tammy sent to me, I can’t wait to see and taste what she creates for us!


2 thoughts on “Let them eat cake

    • Thanks Lisa, I ordered 130 cupcakes and we have about 125 on the guest list. I figured drunk people might go back for a second one, and maybe we’d have a few left over for the next day. How is your planning coming along, do you have a dress yet??

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