A Random Act of Cookie

Last week fellow blogger, ‘i am baker’, put out a call for volunteers.  You see, she had offered to send cookies to 5 nominees cookies as a special treat, and after receiving over 160 very worthy nominated people, she couldn’t choose only 5.  She asked for help, fulfilling all the requests for sweet treats, you can read her original post here.

I was already making cookies for someone else, so why not make 2 dozen more?  I sent in my name and later that week I had received my nominee.  I was going to be baking for a girl in Texas, she’s pregnant and turned her sister on to i am baker’s blog, and had commented how much she would love to receive a cake or cookies from her.  Her sister lives in North Carolina and thought that this might be a sweet way for them to connect.

Well, I am not ‘i am baker’, but I hope she enjoys them all the same.  Here’s what’s inside the package:

As you can see, I decided to go with the whole pregnant thing!


This was a great experience, I truly believe in good karma, and maybe this will send some my way 🙂


Happy Friday!


9 thoughts on “A Random Act of Cookie

    • Thanks Taylor! I’ve actually started selling the cookies, I didn’t plan on this turning into a business, but it’s happening all on it’s own!

  1. I received ^^^THESE cookies on Monday!! Needless to say I was sooo surprised! My sister did not tell me she had done this so when our postmaster delivered this box to my door I was ecstatic!! They came all in one piece and were FABULOUS!!! I posted a picture of them on my facebook and got so many responses of people saying they would love to help eat them! lol Let me tell you these baby cookies brightened my day!! I need to get you to send some to North Carolina to my sister to return the favor! I really do appreciate you doing this gesture to a complete stranger. Our baby boy “Oliver” will be here in 10 short weeks- thanks for making my day!- Amanda

    • You are most welcome Amanda! I am happy to hear that they made it all the way to Texas in one piece!!

      Best of luck with Oliver, I will be sending good thoughts your way 🙂

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