For the love of shoes

Every wedding I see lately online, the bride is wearing the most incredible pair of heels it makes me swoon, so when it came to looking for shoes to wear with my own gown, I immediately started shopping around online, you won’t believe the shoes I’ve almost bought!

Designer: Christian Loubouton

Shoe: Balota 120 glitter-finish multi-strap sandals with a 5″ heel

Cost: $1,095.00

Did I buy them: Hells no!








Designer: Kate Spade

Shoe: Clarice hot pink satin with a 3.25″ heel

Cost: $298.00 (discounted price on Zappo’s)

Did I buy them: tempted!!






Designer: Christian Loubouton

Shoe: Sexy Strass 100 Swarovski crystal peep-toe pumps with a 4″ heel

Cost: $3,295.00

Did I buy them: If I did, the wedding would probably have been called off by the groom





Then my mom encouraged me to be realistic.  These would be shoes that I would be wearing/standing in for 8+ hours.  Was I willing to spend almost as much as my gown cost on a pair of shoes, which let’s be honest, people won’t even see under said gown??

I have back problems and am in pain on the best of days, therefore, I listened to my mom and started to look at something more along the lines of a ballet flat.  I bought one pair, that were really cute and brightly coloured, but they were missing something, which is how I ended up buying a second pair this past weekend.  Which will I wear on the big day?  That is yet to be decided, I’ll probably end up in flip-flops by the end of the night regardless of which I choose.



One thought on “For the love of shoes

  1. Oh but those LVs are gorgeous! Just tell your hubby to be that they are part of your dream wedding ; )
    Have you looked at any shoes by Jen + Kim for Coloriffics? I’m not sure on pricing but they are pretty nice & not in Louie range!

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