It’s starting to get real.

Every morning I get these friendly reminders in my email from websites like The Knot and Project Wedding on how many days are left until the wedding.  This used to not faze me in the least, and then this morning, there it was, 80 days, or 11 weeks if you will.  Now, it kinda freaks me out a little.  Don’t get me wrong, I cannot wait for our wedding day, and to see all the hard work come alive, but at the same time, I am LOVING the planning process and all my little DIY projects.

I cannot share many of the DIY’s just yet, some of them I want to remain a surprise until the wedding day, like the gifts I made for my girls.  But I will be posting what our invitations look like, a few days after I mail them.  Which will be sometime next week!  They are completely ready to go, I’m just waiting until it’s closer to my bridal shower,  I am trying to avoid having people RSVP in person to me, because I will NEVER remember anything they say.

The girls have all picked up their dresses, they just need to be altered.  They are all VERY long on them, I think the bridal shop orders a standard length, and that length fits someone who is 6’3.  We still need to decide on shoes, but I am hoping to have a few minutes to discuss that next Sunday at the shower, when we are all together.

Scott and I have selected the guys tuxes, they are going to look very handsome in them!  We can now legally apply for our marriage license, and should probably do so in the near future, so it’s done and crossed off the list.  Our wedding bands were purchased last year, and they are waiting for us in the safe deposit box.  The honeymoon is pretty much completely booked, and a good chunk of it is paid for.

So now we just have to sit tight and enjoy the next little while. And try not to let the countdown emails stress me out!


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