They showered me with love

  ** Warning: This post is going to be heavy on pictures **

On Sunday May 1st, I attended my bridal shower.  It was at my mom’s house, she hosted it with my bridal party, and to say that it was incredible would be a gross understatement.  I am honestly still overwhelmed at the beautiful display of generosity and love that I experienced.   Over 40 women attended the shower and shared in some amazing food, great company and a few laughs.  Words cannot express how greatful I am for all the beautiful women in my life, thank you to everyone who made my bridal shower so very special. I am truly blessed to have such an awesome support system of strong women.

And now, because pictures speak louder than words:

This is me with only half the gifts, it was a marathon of unwrapping presents!

Luckily, I had some little hands to help out with the presents:

Aurora & Christina getting right in there to help me unwrap, though they could care less about the beautiful dishes I was opening.

This gift caused some problems with the 4 and under crowd, and may have resulted in some hair pulling:

Those "Little People" always bring out the worst in people

Did I mention that the food was amazing, here, let me share with you:

Desserts galore!

The non-dessert foods!

Everyone that came went home with a herb:

Here’s a shot of me with my bridal shower, which I have now dubbed, “The Dream Team”:

Left to right: Lisa (Scott's sister, and my wife LOL), Me, Jennifer (Bestest friend in the whole wide world) and Amanda (Girl cousin extraordinaire!)

And last but most definitely not least, me and my mom, who is hands down the most important woman in my life, and none of this would have ever been possible without her!

Love You!


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